Back in Peru

Sunset @ Malecón de Miraflores, Lima 4.23.15

Sunset @ Malecón de Miraflores, Lima 4.23.15

After almost two years of not coming home, I finally did. It's just for a couple of weeks, but I'm thrilled to be here. Lima is a beautiful metropolis combining the best elements from a laidback beach town and the fast paced life big of a big city.  

A friend from California is joining me, and we'll be in Lima for a week. Next Thursday another friend from the states will be joining us, and we'll go on a 4 day trek to Machu Picchu. 

The next few days will be spent catching up with friends, eating amazing food and relaxing by the beach. 

It feels good to be home, but it's also a heartbreaking reality shock of how the country's level of inequality keeps evolving. There's a taste of resentment in the air from people towards each other, a very notorious class segmentation and lack of social integration. 

Being here reminds me why it's so important for me to develop in sustainability and social impact througout my design career.