Arrival // Cuzco

Plaza de armas Cuzco // 4.30.15

Plaza de armas Cuzco // 4.30.15

We arrived to Cuzco on Wednesday. Travel experts say one should arrive 2-3 days before a trek in altitude so that the body can adjust. We started our trek on Thursday.  Ben flew into Lima at 6:00am, we left for Cuzco around 12:00pm and landed at 1:00pm.

Got a taxi from the airport to our hostel, dropped our stuff off. And then the most difficult question humanity has ever been faced with surfaced... what should we eat? We decided to get "Papachos" it's a peruvian burger joint, they have very interesting different style burgers mixed with local cuisine. Maxwell ended up getting an alpaca burger, Ben got a peruvian fried rice burger, and I got a burger with anticucho sauce. 

We shortly realized It was a bad idea pigging out like that on our first day, not letting our stomachs adjust to altitude. We exchanged some money and walked back to the hostel regretting our decision to overeat immediately. We got our wifi fix and rested for a while. 

At around 6:00pm the trek guide came to brief us on what we could expect for the next couple of days. We took for granted how difficult it was going to be, but anyway we headed to bed pretty early knowing we had to wake up at 5:00am being fully rested. 

We tried going to bed, not very successfully due to the mixed excitement for the hike, bloated stomach, and lack of oxygen.