180º Thoughts

It was ocean day on Monday, and the 41st G7 summit was held June 7th/8th. The main focus was sustainable economic growth. Most of the world leaders did a great job discussing and setting measurable changes to be effected immediately.

It' is OUR duty however to realize overconsumption and our need to have more is what's destroying the planet. It's our unreal expectations of what western society has evolved into that blinds us from seeing what truly maters. Here's a short video from "180º South", a film that talks not only about adventure in South America but the importance of saving our natural resources, because without them there's no humanity.

My favorite metaphor from the movie states that corporations and the "civilized world" claim we should keep moving forward, but we're currently at a stage where there's a cliff ahead of us, then the most sensible way forward would be to make a 180º turn and then take a step.