A note on gratitude

It's a couple of days past thanksgiving, about a week and a half past thanksgiving to be precise. I just finished finals and I want to reflect on all the things I am thankful for. The past term has been (a rollercoaster) ... cliche... but it really has. I've been at art center for four terms without a term off now and I just finished my first year as a product design student. Sometimes it's difficult to measure improvement or progress as a designer, or any creative discipline for that matter. Everything is abstract, relative, subjective. This is why creatives never feel satisfied with the present, the past, and extremely anxious about the future. Today however, I'm happy, I'm ok with where I'm standing. I acknowledge I've come a long way but I recognize I have an even longer way to go, normally this thought would scare me, I'd find it daunting, but for some reason, today it inspires me. 

I'm thankful for the people in my life, I am surrounded by a spectacular amount of people that enrich my life, emotionally, intellectually, and simply speaking companionship-wise. I have people I can comfortably call friends that I rely on, and a family that provides infinite support. 

So yeah... Just a quick note on gratitude, be present, be grateful.

Nico RamirezComment