Departure // Cuzco

Leaving Cuzco was interesting. It was only 4 days without technological distractions but it felt like rehabilitation from social media and a superficial life fueled by likes. 


Not having signal really allowed us to appreciate the architecture, and to be honest just being with each other. Talking to your homies without gawking at a screen in between sentences.  


We spent the last day walking around the city, we did some shopping for Ben and Maxwell's families. Spent ages at a small craft shop full of shipibo textiles, not actually from Cuzco but the Peruvian jungle. 


We were fortunate to have a small storm grace us and saw the rapid weather change in the Peruvian Sierra, it went from sunny and clear to rainy in a couple of minutes.  


We had lunch for 5 soles, which is about $1.80 for starter, entree and dessert.  

We finally headed to the airport and flew back to Lima. We were picked up by my sister and had a traditional Limeño diner with my dad anticuchos, picarones and chicha morada.

Headed home and I slept like I hadn't for the past week. 

Nico RamirezComment